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Cloverleaf has a passion for developing and investing in social and sustainable infrastructure


Provide affordable Community Housing

Our mission is make housing more equitable for vulnerable Australians: 

  • Australian housing affordability has declined significantly since the early 1980s. Since 1980, capital city house prices have risen 11-fold, while the price of everything else has risen by about 4.7 times. The ratio of average house prices to average household disposable income has more than doubled over the last thirty years from around 3 times to around 6.5 times.​


  • The University of NSW estimates the unmet social housing need in Australia is 437,000 dwellings while the unmet affordable housing need is 213,000. And as a by-product of COVID, many low-income Australians have had to move away from the suburbs and towns they've called home all their lives.

Architects Planning a House
Installing Solar Panels

Decarbonise Australia

Our mission is to decarbonise Australia by facilitating its energy transition:

  • Without urgent action, the average global temperature could rise between 3 and 6 degrees Celsius by 2100, which would likely be disastrous. The Asia Pacific region is the largest emitter of CO2, producing over half the world's emissions. Australia's CO2 emissions rose by 78% increase since 1980.

  • Energy is the largest source of global emissions at above 60%. Energy-related emissions are estimated to continue to grow by 78% by 2050 if significant action isn't taken.


Cloverleaf was founded by Sean Nunan in October 2021. Community Housing and Energy Transition were the sectors Sean was previously responsible for whilst working at John Laing. Sean and the broader team share c. 75 years of combined experience structuring, financing and investing in social infrastructure and renewable energy projects which have had a high impact on their respective communities.


Meet our team: full of energy and commitment and driven by a shared drive to make an impact in Community Housing and Decarbonisation

Cloverleaf's team shares a deep-seated belief that an equitable society and a sustainable future should be enjoyed by all. This comes out in their passion for Community Housing and Energy Transition projects

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