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Cloverleaf's projects span Community Housing, microgrids, virtual power plants and zero emission transport

Electric Vehicles & Charging Infrastructure

Cloverleaf is working to invest in and provide electric vehicle fleets and associated charging infrastructure. 

Community Housing

Cloverleaf is presently working to build social, affordable and disability accomodation in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia. The illustration shown is of one such proposed (affordable) housing project.

50 Quay St River View.jpeg
Solar Panels Technician

Microgrids, embedded networks and utility scale battery systems

Cloverleaf is working to help decarbonise Australia and achieve Net Zero. We are also working to , for example, to invest in and build microgrids, embedded networks and utility scale batteries.

Virtual Power Plant

Cloverleaf is working to build Australia (and possibly the world's) largest virtual power plant on Community Housing. This is our passion project: combining our work and relationships in both Community Housing and Energy Transition 

Sale Paper Cut

Lower Power Prices

A virtual power plant provides a significant discount to the next cheapest market price. We even guarantee we'll be the cheapest! We do this by avoiding the c. 40% of a typical power bill is charged to pay for transmission and distribution costs.

Solar Panels

Green Energy

A virtual power plant combines solar panels on roofs and battery storage on residential walls with scale - such that, when combined, it can generate the equivalent energy of a traditional power station. How big depends on how many homes we connect.

A sense of freedom

No Lock-in Contact

We don't do this at the expense of the tenant. In fact, we are delivering tenants cheaper and greener power without any lock-in contract. And we pay for 100% of the required capex and are responsible for it's maintenance throughout its life.

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